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One morning while I was sitting in my car at the signal light in front of Central School I saw a young girl sitting on the curb in front of the Memorial Gym on Apperson Way. She had her head down in the street and I happen to know her from the community. I knew she had an addiction and her children were living with their grandparents.

I also knew she was a crack addict and the sun was coming up and she was having to face her day, once again. The picture of her sitting there was so sad that I started to weep. I said to God, “Your daughters are in trouble.
God, what are we going to do?”

The sky opened up and I was in the presence of God. He said, “I want you to open a home for my daughters.” He said, “When you get in, have classes on healing from abortion.” God said, “My daughters won’t come to me for salvation because they have had an abortion. Tell them for me that I have forgiven them and all I ask of them is to help other women not come this way.”

At that time I saw women of all races, and cultures walking up to a house that had come down from the sky. Then I spoke and I said, “God I don’t want to do this because nonprofits never have any money.” Then God spoke again and said, “When others around you are closing and they ask you how you are staying open…” Then I saw an arm with just the hand on it come in the vision and touched the top of the building, and, God continued to say, “Tell them for me I have my hand on your place.”